Donnie CampbellDonnie Campbell

Donnie Campbell was born into a musical family in Cape Breton. Since then he has enjoyed a long involvement in traditional music at various levels. He is a singer, collector and broadcaster, having hosted the popular radio program “Celtic Serenade” for nearly thirty five years.


          In the early 1970’s, Donnie was a member of the popular Maritime folk group, Miller’s Jug. He has performed internationally and has shared the stage with people such as Tommy Makem, Scotland’s Phil Cunningham and the Tannahill Weavers, Ron Hynes, Evans & Dohety and John Allan Cameron. Although essentially a solo performer, Donnie has also worked at concerts and dances with Cape Breton fiddlers like Carl MacKenzie, Buddy MacMaster, Winnie Chafe, Jerry Holland and Kinnon Beaton just to name a few.


Donnie sings songs that matter to him, from love songs to stories of tragedy and good times and memories. His repertoire runs the course of the folk music revival, songs of Cape Breton, the ancient songs of Scotland and Ireland as well as more recent songs that keep the music fresh.


          “Donnie Campbell has been a leading light in promoting Celtic Music, and like the true Celt he is, his heart and his head and his soul are bulging with good music and Song” … Tommy Makem


          “He is always coming up with new songs to share with us” … Fergus O’Byrne, Ryan’s Fancy


          “When Donnie takes the stage, I’ve seen him at many concerts; the feeling of the flow between Donnie and those in front of him is easily captured. One immediately senses, now here’s someone they really like.” Ray MacDonald, CJFX radio


          “An encyclopedic knowledge of the music”… Eric McEwan  


About Donnie’s CD, “Music to Me” …. “To describe this CD in one word and give it a sense of the feelings that go along with the listening experience, I would have to choose” pleasure” “ … Wanda Earhart, What’s Going On magazine